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Comparison: Artiste vs MAC Brush Cleaner

General Information

Mac Brush Cleanser  Price: $20 Weight: 235 mL  Where to buy: Myer, David Jones, MAC stores and their website
Artiste Brush Cleaner Price: $14.95
Weight:100 mL Where to buy:Priceline

Both brush cleansers come in a plastic bottle with screw top lid, the Artiste cleanser however has a spray top making easier to use. The MAC brush cleanser on the other hand has a cap similar to those on shampoo bottles. Meaning you'll need either cup, bowl or the sink to be able to clean your brushes.

Whereas with the Artiste cleanser you can just spray it directly onto your brushes. So I just transferred my MAC cleanser into a spray bottle to make it user friendly. 
The Artiste brush cleanser has a very very strong perfumed alcohol smell. Which makes sense because the ingredients are made up of alcohol and perfume (I would describe it as quite sweet). For me personally I have no issues with it but for those who are sensitive to smells it may be an issue. 

On the other hand the M…