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Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm (Australian Version)

From the maybelline website:
Say goodbye to basic lip balm and rediscover the lips you were born to have!
- Lips are instantly moisturised for up to 8 hours.
- Contains active care ingredients, such as shea butter and centella.
- Vitamin Complex delivering powerful anti-oxidants.
- SPF 20 for protection against harmful UV rays.
- After 4 weeks lips are deeply repaired, completely reborn. Guaranteed.

Image from left to right: menthol, anti-oxidant berry, energizing orange, mango pie, smoothing cherry and protecting berry (Limited Edition) 

First off the obvious how cute is the packaging? The colours are soooo cute and pretty. Love it!!!!!

I really like the baby lips, it's moisturising, goes on really smooth and looks glossy when you apply it. They smell okay (the menthol one smells like vicks) and I find them to be longer lasting than normal lip balms given your not eating or drinking (they last for about 1-2 hours). The menthol flavour has that tingling feeling which I enjoy but if you don't like the tingling feeling then the fruit flavours are the way to go. 

It's winter here in Australia, that time of year when my lips get EXTREMELY dry and cracked. It's been approximately 4 weeks since I've been using the menthol baby lips (so I can get rid of it because I hate the smell) and it's made some improvement to my lips. My lips get dry from time to time but they haven't cracked since using the baby lips. When I first started using the baby lips I'd have to reapply every few hours but now I only have to reapply 2-3 times a day. 

One main flaw is the lip balm taste and we all know what I'm talking about. So if you don't like that lip balm taste DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. If your lips are flaky, the lip balm doesn't really help. 

Overall it's a really good lip balm. The baby lips make my lips feel soft and less dry without constant reapplication and the formula isn't waxy just nice and smooth. 

- Taste 
- Artificial smell
- They're not tinted like the baby lips in USA  

- SPF 20 
- Long lasting (for a lip balm)
- Moisturising
- Smooth application
- Glossy
- Affordable

Rating: 3.5/5

Where and how much: Priceline - $3.99, chemist warehouse - $3.39, Kmart, Target - $3.95, Big W and basically anywhere that sells maybelline

Which is your favourite flavour? 


  1. That's pretty much how the packaging looks like too here in Asia. I wonder why we don't have the ones with transparent caps though, and I've never seen any video reviews of Baby Lips' Asian/Australian version
    Anyways my sister uses this brand & she loves it a lot. She has Smoothing Cherry and Antioxidant Berry

  2. i'm also from australia and i really like the smoothing cherry. it was the first baby lips that i bought and i loved it. so i guess that the smoothing cherry is my favourite flavour

    1. I don't even remember which I bought first I just remember loving the formula that I just continued to collect them. My favourite is probably the berry and mango.

  3. my favourites are the smoothing cherry i use that during the day and at the menthol for when i wake up and before i sleep

    1. yeah same here but i use the menthol most in winter although the smell


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