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Empties: #2 (Haircare)

1. Head & Shoulders Eucalyptus 

I received this sample from PinchMe (overview coming soon), and loved it. I don't know what it is about the smell but it smelt like candy to me. Surprisingly I got about 5 uses from this tiny sample so I was really able to test it out. If you have a sensitive scalp I don't think this'll be good for you. While it doesn't tingle I would still suggest you stay away. If you have a problem with your hair falling out in the shower I recommend this and the Head & Shoulders anti breakage shampoo. While I still have hair fallout it is about 3/4 less than it used to. 

Repurchase: Already have 

2. Organic Care Nourish Shampoo 

This is a nice shampoo. It smells like coconut and macadamia and it did a good job of cleaning my hair. I used to repurchase this all the time for about a year but I decided to try other products which worked out a lot better for me so unfortunately I won't repurchase it but I loved it while I used it.  

Repurchase: No

3. Organic Care Nourish Conditioner

Once again good a conditioner but I've moved onto something else for now, we'll see. This was in my last empties, click here. Honestly it's not super hydrating but it was nice. 

Repurchase: Not sure 

4. Head & Shoulders anti-breakage shampoo
I also enjoyed this, it had a similar effect on my hair as the eucalyptus in terms of minimising hair breakage (which is why I bought it). But I preferred the smell of the other.

Repurchase: Maybe

5. Girlz Only Dry Shampoo
I really enjoy these. They don't make my hair white but they will if you spray too much. There are so many scents that I think there would be one to suit most people's taste. It does a good job at absorbing the oil. The only thing negative I have to say is that 2 of these stop working after ONE use. Something happened with the nozzle/spray top (not sure what it's called). I used it once and the product wouldn't stop spraying so I put the lid on and next time I opened it liquid came out (so be WARNED). But they're only $2 so it's okay but if it happens too often I will stop purchasing it. 

Hazy days (Light pink/purple) - light, fruity scent
Dawn 'til Dusk (Teal) -  strong kind of manly smell
Brighter pink  - stronger floral scent 

Sorry about the bad descriptions

Repurchase: Yes

Is there anything you've finished up this month?


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